چشم مار

🌛✨ I am the ocean I am the sea There is a world inside of me✨🌜

~IG: @queenbitchoftheuniverse

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I hate days when your thoughts rain on your parade and you have to actually acknowledge your feelings in order to not breakdown and crumble to pieces.

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I guess I might miss you forever. Everyday I have to find ways to cope with that. I think I mask it well, but in my heart, there’s a place where you were that burns as deep as hell.

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I’m thinking about you.
And how we met in a drug induced escape from reality.
Thinking of you and how good it felt to hold eachother for the first time.
Thinking of you and how good it could be.
Oh the endless possibilities
I wonder if you’re as fond of me as I am of you.
I wonder what will come of this if anything.
I hope more than anything we learn from one another
I think it’s important that you kno from the start that I don’t care about our age difference. Or any of our differences for that matter. I’m enthralled and enlightened with just your presence.
I don’t even kno u yet
And just the fact that we met and we kissed and you danced with me.
Laughed with me, played with me for that hour<3
Made me feel things that words can’t describe.
I’d be so lucky if u are the one and I already realize it.
I want to get lost in love w/ u.
I don’t care what anyone thinks, it’s me that will be fighting for our love. Nobody else, so outside opinions are irrelevant.
I just met you and I miss you.
I need you to be my huerito novio💘
You don’t understand.
Please take me home.

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