چشم مار

🌛✨ I am the ocean I am the sea There is a world inside of me✨🌜

~IG: @queenbitchoftheuniverse

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Feeling the most feels.

No wonder drugs exist.

I can’t focus on the present with out them.

It’s so traumatizing, the events that have brought me to this day and the unknown that dwells within and brings on tomorrow.

I’ve come such a long way. I’ve been strong for too long and I just want to melt. That’s really all I want is to melt and forget the horrors of existence.

I can’t even tell if I’m lonely anymore. I can’t tell if I care or not. I say I do, but voices inside me contradict that. They are screaming the complete opposite of everything I say and do.

Why? Why is there such a thin line between madness and genius and why do I feel like I’m about to fall off this line? I’m like a rope walker, trying to keep my balance from falling into the unknown.

I’m not sure what’s down there. Is it brilliance or pure evil? Am I scared for my life or too curious for my own good?

Too many options. I can never decide.

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when im dead sext me through a ouija board

Please do so

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I miss you everyday, I hate admitting it and I might regret the things I don’t tell you one day but Im not sure if you’re worth my feelings. You say you care, but if you really did you would’ve tried harder to stick around and make it work with me. Anyway, just so you know, I do think of you and miss you every day. I wish things were different but I tried so hard. It’s your turn now :’( so sad and lonely for you only.

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if i’m supposed to be doing what makes me happy really i should just be doing u and drugs

Ugh, u r brilliant gurlll💖

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